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Movie of the exhibition in the RailCity ZH

"The tree of life: Unity and Diversity"

September 4-6, 2009

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Gallery of the exhibition in the RailCity Zurich


The Zurich Zoo provides a public platform for Darwin's evolution theory: a newly designed permanent exhibition makes the theory palpable and understandable for all. 

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"OBSERVING AND COLLECTING - DOING RESEARCH LIKE CHARLES DARWIN" 10 March - 16 August 2009, Zoological Museum UZH | Zurich Zoo

Equipped with their research booklet, children collect white-lipped snails out in nature, observe poison dart frogs at the Zoo and examine animal skulls in the research workshop of the Zoological Museum. All activities animated in German.

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"OUT OF AFRICA" 13 March - 23 December 2009, Anthropological Museum UZH

Special exhibition about the earliest emigrants and the roots of our culture.

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"ANKYLO SAURIANS - ARMOURS, QUILLS AND HAUNCHES" 3 April - 31 December 2009, Sauriermuseum Aathal

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